With this new technology, companies will now be able to monitor construction jobsites for security, progress reporting and compliance with larger, sharper images and improved digital zoom capabilities. TrueLook's 20-MP camera is the first DSLR camera on the market to come standard with live streaming video and security recording.

TrueLook’s 20-MP camera system provides the following benefits:
Sharper images - The images are larger making them the sharpest images available for the construction jobsite. The digital single-lens reflex (DLSR) lens makes the camera more responsive resulting in sharper images.

Convenience - The cameras employ remote auto-focus via the TrueLook interface making it easier to gain sharp focus for the camera at the jobsite. This camera also offers live streaming video and 24/7 security recording both at 1080p resolution.

Quality - The cameras deliver images at more than twice the resolution than 4K cameras. The resulting quality of photos and video available from the jobsite are higher than previous models.

The new lens technology combined with the other features on the 20-megapixel cameras take jobsite viewing and security to another level.

TrueLook Inc

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