Additive takes the weight off

Elemix is a concrete additive made of specially engineered polymeric spheres-lightweight synthetic particles-that disperse uniformly throughout a concrete mix to replace a significant volume and weight of both normal and lightweight aggregate. Elemix evenly disperses throughout a mix to ensure uniform strength. Nova Chemicals. 412-490-4252.

Store multiple calibrations

Hydro-View IV's multi-function touch screen display is a cost-effective and simple way to display measurements and configure and calibrate the manufacturer's sensors. The product stores multiple calibrations for each sensor, allowing rapid recalibration if the material being measured is changed. It features display measurements for up to four sensors at a time, and a trend graph or numeric display for each sensor. Hydronix. 888-887-4884.

Rapid loading from the batch plant

The manufacturer's Agitor is the only unit that incorporates an open top concrete haul body for rapid loading from a central batch plant, an agitator shaft to ensure quality concrete with every load transported, and various chute options to meter concrete to buckets and pump hoppers or large paving chutes to place direct to grade as fast as a dump truck. Maxon. 414-351-4000.

App on iTunes

The manufacturer's Calculator App is now available in the iTunes App Store for iPhone and iPad users. It had only been available for Android users. The company's other mobile app, Searcher, can also be downloaded in Android and iTunes formats. Searcher provides a wide range of information about the company's products, while Calculator allows customers to easily determine the amount of grout and epoxy required to cover a variety of shapes. Dayton Superior. 800-745-3700.

Protect conveyor bearings during operation

A unique Three-Barrier-Solution for conveyor applications exposed to harsh conditions introduces a bundle of environmentally friendly products to increase bearing reliability and extend service life. The bearing is lubricated, sealed, and mounted inside the housing, which is then internally greased and sealed. This creates three layers of protection for the bearing during operation. SKF. 800-440-4753.