Eco-friendly stains

Super Stone Hydro-Tone Color Stains are low VOC, environmentally friendly, water-based stains that provide a long lasting, durable and a decorative finish to interior or exterior concrete and masonry surfaces. Containing no hazardous components, the stain is formulated to bond with porous concrete or cementitious toppings.

Super Stone. 800-456-3561.

Durable carbide hammer drill bits

The Hilti TE-CX Bit features a gradient carbide head with four rugged cutting edges that prevent catching or jamming on rebar to extend the life of the bit. Ideal for drilling holes in concrete, masonry and other natural materials, for medium- to heavy-duty anchors in the 3/16- to 1-inch range.

Hilti Inc. 1-800-879-8000.

Heavy-duty power substation

The Magnalight MGS-15KVA-120-240-30AFT 15 KVA Power Substation gives operators the ability to convert 480 VAC single-phase or three-phase electrical current to single-phase 120V AC and 240V AC. This power substation utilizes a 15 KVA transformer to create a safe connection to non-native 480VAC power sources and reduce it to useable voltages. It includes provisions for feed through power distribution, allowing users to connect equipment substations.

Magnalight. 1-800-369-6671.

Hi-side truck box with new features

WeatherGuard Hi-Side Truck Boxes are re-designed to feature improved security, durability, and organizational solutions that allow easy access to tools and equipment, while keeping the truck bed open for supplies. Features include a gutter design that channels rain and snow off the box to keep its contents dry and a Drill-Resistant Lock Core, which further protects against theft and vandalism.

Knaack LLC. 800-456-7865.

RainBarrier attachment clips

RainBarrier Clips are plastic discs that clip onto many different types of masonry wall ties and façade hanging systems. The clips allow contractors to quickly and securely install RainBarrier insulation product as recommended.

Thermafiber. 260-563-2111.