Two innovative manufacturers have introduced methods that convert tires into aggregate so that they can be encased in concrete blocks. By devising a way to efficiently slice tires after the wheel has been removed, producers could use the small chunks as a block filler. Many producers have tried to insert full tires in the block before, but there's too much bending, which prevents a rubber/concrete bond. Even if you don't want to cut tires for block production, many states allow cut-up tires in landfills. Design Pro offers a portable wheel crusher equipped with a tire cutter. Rather than cutting the tires, a tire-compression system by Eco-Systems, bales groups of tires under 128,000 psi of hydraulic pressure into rectangular or cylindrical bales, which are cast in concrete blocks. Blocks can be cast into three basic sizes. Keywords: tire, block, recycle, aggregate, Design Pro, wheel crusher, Eco-Systems