Placing aggregate for landscaping, for floor subbases, around foundation walls, inside buildings, or for other backfilling operations can be costly, time consuming and inefficient. Accidental use of contaminated aggregate can require removal and replacement. With truck-mounted aggregate conveyors, drivers can accurately place sand, gravel or crushed stone whether spreading it on a slope; shooting it through windows, doorways or other narrow spaces; or placing it in excavations, crawl spaces, and around underground tanks. The conveyor can also be used to place material in areas inaccessible to loaders, where the only other method would be time-consuming placement by hand. Because drivers can sometimes avoid having to drive in the mud, another benefit is less wear and tear on trucks. Increased truck income is a major advantage. Some suppliers offer a truck body and a conveyor (or conveyors) that are sold as a unit, with buyers choosing and purchasing the chassis of their choice. Others sell the entire package, including body, conveyor and chassis. Available options vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Very little training is required for operation. Keywords: convey, gravel, stone, dump