Increasingly stringent environmental regulations are forcing producers to search for new technologies to help them convert their standard practices into the industry's best management practices. Invention has introduced technology from other industries. Tufco Ready Mix Co.'s managers searched for a process for transforming slurry water with a 11.5 pH into potable blending water, and for producing a saleable aggregate product. A former plant manager with experience in water-processing technology proposed an innovative two-stage recycling system. Benny Tufts, the plant's general manager, says there will be savings in solid-waste disposal fees and water purchases. Along with these reduced costs, Tufts anticipates increased revenues from the cushion sand sales. Chip Drewry and his sons operate a small crushing operation that uses hardened concrete and construction debris for raw feed. After several months of reviewing numerous engineering studies, the Drewrys thought that a Baum jig was well-suited to the problems associated with processing construction debris. Upward air pulses lift jobsite debris inside an enclosed hopper, separating it from heavier coarse aggregate feed material. Keywords: waste, Tufco, gray water, aggregate, recycle rubble, technology, environment, process water, DAF, slurry, reclaim, Tex-Arc, floc, pH, clarification, foam, neutralize, precipitate, washwater, crush, debris, Baum jig, Allmineral Llc