Beach erosion is a serious problem in many coastal areas. Left unchecked, it can slowly eat away at a beach--one wave at a time. In order to stop this problem, Louisiana engineer and inventor Bill Mouton developed precast concrete Beachcones. Each Beachcone is a truncated concrete cone 6 inches high, 40 inches in diameter at the base and 24 inches in diameter at the top. Wall thickness is 1 1/8 inches. Beachcones not only stop erosion, but help reverse the process by causing the formation of underwater sandbars. They are installed in rows with companion pieces called Waveblocks inbetween them to enhance the hydraulic action of incoming and outgoing waves as well as retaining sand. When installed properly, the Beachcones can become buried in sand, then removed and placed further out to reclaim more of the beach.