Concrete is gaining popularity as a durable material for tennis courts. Many owners cannot maintain soft courts' expense and the frequent repairs caused by poor and cracking asphalt. Concrete provides a viable substitute due to its durability and resistance to cracking. Bryant College in Smithfield, R.I., replaced six asphalt tennis courts with concrete. The asphalt surface was left in place, and the concrete poured on top of it. First, a layer of sand was poured over the asphalt, then a plastic sheet laid on top of the sand. Post-tensioning cables were placed with anchors attached to wooden forms surrounding the court. A 5-inch concrete overlay was poured onto the asphalt. The mix had a 28-day strength of 3500 psi and was placed with a pump then consolidated with a vibrating screed. When the concrete was strong enough, the cables were tensioned, stressing the concrete to prevent cracking. After the concrete was fully cured, a double coating of acrylic color finish was placed over the concrete to finish the court. The growing need for concrete in tennis court renovation provides a welcome opportunity to both ready mix producers and contractors alike.