Ready mix producers who have portable batch plants may be a step ahead of their competition. These plants are transported to a jobsite and can remain there for however long they are needed. The plants save producers time and money by eliminating trips between the main plant and the jobsite. The mix is easier to control because adjustments can be made immediately, and the resulting concrete can be checked within minutes. The main difference between plants is size. Some plants can be towed behind a pickup truck, while others are mounted on trucks or trailers. Small and medium plants produce anywhere from 2 to 160 cubic yards per hour. Larger, truck-mounted plants have more aggregate and sand storage than the smaller plants, and can produce 30 to 70 cubic yards per hour. The largest portable plants are towed to the jobsite and then anchored to the ground for up to several months at a time. These plants can produce more than 200 cubic yards an hour. They often have multiple storage bins for both aggregate and sand.