The article is based on "Challenges and Opportunities: The Process," a presentation by Tim Becken, vice president of operations at Cemstone Products Co., Mendota Heights, Minn., at the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association's March 1998 Annual Convention in San Diego.With a major labor shortage looming for the concrete industries in the next decade, managers of concrete industry companies must realize that treating employees as their most important assets is a necessity.Facing these eight challenges will ensure that quality help is always available to design, produce, deliver and install concrete as the building material of choice.

  • Challenge No. 1: The construction work force is aging.
  • Challenge No. 2: Employees need balance.
  • Challenge No. 3: Authoritative management doesn't work today.
  • Challenge No. 4: Employees need more training.
  • Challenge No. 5: We must retain good employees.
  • Challenge No. 6: We must motivate employees to give superior service.
  • Challenge No. 7: Employees want a sense of fulfillment from their jobs.
  • Challenge No. 8: We must reduce employment claims and lawsuits.

If you can succeed in these areas, you'll position yourself, your company and our industry for the future. Keywords: employee, challenge, opportunity, Cemstone, labor