Super-SIX-Admix is a proprietary blend of six different admixtures designed to achieve pinhole free, dense and strong concrete that will free flow in precast molds. Super SIX makes it easy to produce Ultra high performance concrete (UHPC) using different types of mix consistency, like self-flowing (similar to pancake batter), or a shapeable clay-like consistency which can be hand molded, carved or rolled.

Take the confusion out of batching a multi-component mix. Simply add Super-SIX-Admix, sand, cement, & water-.pour in mold...cover with plastic & walk’s that easy!
KongKrete Liquid Polymer is a premium all acrylic high solids polymer emulsion made specifically for the GFRC industry. UV stable and freeze thaw stable for shipping in winter months. Sold in 5 Gal Bucket, 55 Gal Drum or Tote.

KongKrete Dry Acrylic Polymer is a premium, easy to use & disperse, free flowing powder polymer made specifically for the use in high performance concrete.

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