Bernie Bajko, bored with retirement, theorized that mobile batching equipment would give him the capability to deliver concrete to individual customers -- even in remote areas of northern Michigan -- by carrying cement, water, sand, and aggregate to a small jobsite and making good-quality concrete right on the spot. With the purchase of a used concrete mobile mixer he was back in business.

Some expert refurbishing and a shiny new paint job made "Stella" a member of the Bajko concrete family. Bajko found information for operating a mobile mixer and understanding its components and systems in the old but comprehensive Barber Greene Concrete--Mobile Handbook. This handbook is a complete how-to course, including concrete industry basics, terminology, basic operation and controls, concrete-mobile application and advantages, exploded-view drawings of all parts and systems, calibration and mix setup, and concrete testing.

Bajko and "Stella" just broke even for the first couple of years. Now his mobile concrete service is really catching on. Local contractors and individuals with small concrete jobs like the idea of being able to order a few yards of concrete, have it mixed fresh at the site, and pay for only the exact amount of concrete placed.

Bajko and son Mike share the same yard for their equipment and all of the stored raw materials: cement, water, piles of sand, and the various aggregates Bajko needs to conduct his mobile-mixer service business. He has another truck that can carry additional cement, water, sand, and aggregate to a given site.

Article includes basic information on mobile mixers.