Construction joints are extremely vulnerable areas, and play a vital role in fortifying concrete structures. As a direct route to the rebar and to the inside of the structure, how easily water and moisture can enter through these areas can make or break a project’s budget and/or timeline. In response to the need for a better joint waterproofing system, Kryton released a newly developed technology Krytonite Swelling Waterstop.

Through its unique synthetic rubber technology, Krytonite Swelling Waterstop swells up to 4 times more than ordinary rubber or bentonite swelling waterstops, and produces enough swelling pressure to withstand extreme hydrostatic pressure - even when exposed to salt water or when used in chloride or sulfate contaminated soils.

With an innovative trapezoid shape, Krytonite is easy to install and resists dislodgment during concrete or shotcrete placement. Moreover, the unique bright yellow colour of the strip makes for easy inspection and facilitates on-site quality assurance. Despite its extraordinary swelling ability, Krytonite is specially engineered so that swelling action occurs only after concrete has gained sufficient strength. This controlled swelling eliminates the risk of cracks or voids in the concrete that may occur if swelling was uncontrolled.

Kryton International Inc.

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