Two relatively inexpensive plant mixer upgrades are a shearing mixer with a single horizontal shaft and a cement/water blender. The shearing mixer blends water, cementitious materials and liquid admixtures in a tightly sealed unit with eight mixing baskets attached to a horizontal shaft. As in central mixing, this mixer reportedly eliminates cement balls, responsible for cracking and reduced concrete strength uniformity. Other benefits are reduced buildup on the inside of the truck mixer drum and reduced fugitive dust. The manufacturer offers two versions of this mixer: one that replaces an existing plant's weigh batcher with a dry cement compartment and load cells that act as a scale, and a newer version that can be installed in line with a plant's existing weigh batcher. Either version can be installed in a new plant or retrofitted into most existing batch plants. The center section of the cement/water blender features a blender tank vessel, mounted on load cells, in which water is weighed. Mixing blades attached to a shaft work in conjunction with a shaft-mounted pump to mix wet and dry materials at high intensity. Adding as many as six ingredients to the blender tank is possible with the blender's dispenser. Besides increasing volume, these mixers are said to reduce dust as well. Producers can incorporate the center section into their existing plant structure or purchase an optional cement silo or support structure. The manufacturer says producers can install a tower blender over a weekend. Keywords: mixer, transit