Murphy's Concrete added a radial stacker conveyor when the Texas producer installed a new computerized batch plant.
Murphy's Concrete added a radial stacker conveyor when the Texas producer installed a new computerized batch plant.

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Many people tell William Patrick Murphy that his ready-mixed concrete is the best “mud” in the San Antonio area. “We put a little leprechaun dust in it,” he says. “That's the magic of it.”

The bottom line truth is that he doesn't skimp on the mix. “We put up to 25% screened sand into the mix, versus the typical 8%,” Murphy says. “It results in a cake-like finish rather than a rough finish. Our material is incredibly easy to work with.”

Located near Randolph Air Force Base, Murphy's Concrete is known locally for its shamrock-adorned ready-mix trucks. “People are impressed with our units and with what we've been able to do, particularly during a time of recession,” Murphy says. “I'm the little guy in town, so I have to stay alive. We work hard. We have good equipment, and we run it hard.”

Since Murphy installed a new computerized stationary batch plant, he has expanded from eight trucks to 15 and counting. Future plans include doubling the size of the company in the next 18 months and building new offices. The producer entered the concrete business in 1998 and has grown from one employee to more than 30.

While certainly much of his success is the result of hard work, Murphy admits that he benefits from the “luck of the Irish” as well, especially when he encountered fellow Irishman, Colin Keane from McCourt & Sons, a LaGrange, Texas-based equipment dealer.

To feed the new plant, McCourt & Sons recommended a PowerStacker Conveyor, a radial stacker with electric drive and its own power travel. From a remote in the cab of the loader, the operator is able to unfold, fold, raise, lower, and move the conveyor in its radial arc to feed concrete-spec sand or stone into the appropriate aggregate bin.


“We don't have time to get off the front-end loader and switch a conveyor from one bin to another,” Murphy explains. “This conveyor is the ideal solution for us,” he says, adding that the only problem was that availability on the unit, manufactured by Superior Industries, was in May. This was weeks after production was to begin.

To solve the time crunch problem, McCourt & Sons offered a Superior Self-Contained Portable Radial Stacking Conveyor from its rental fleet. Ideal in remote applications where electrical power is unavailable, this compact unit runs on diesel and is available with hydraulic raise and power travel. “They delivered it to us, set it up, and let us use it for more than six weeks at no charge until we could get our new radial stacker onsite,” says Murphy.

In late May, Murphy received his new Superior Power-Stacker Conveyor. “It's a great unit that requires simple maintenance, and it's done an excellent job for us,” he says.

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