Contractors often rely on suppliers for tips and advice to make their jobs easier. When it comes to the best tools and technologies to use with ready-mix and precast, concrete producers can be an invaluable resource. At World of Concrete, producers will find a wide range of supplies and services that can save their customers time and money. Following is a selection of these products. WOC booth numbers were correct at time of publication.

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Repair with precision

Polyurethane Concrete Crack Sealant repairs, seals, and waterproofs cracks in concrete, masonry, and stucco surfaces. The nonsag formula can treat vertical and horizontal applications with a textured finish that blends with the concrete surface. To apply, clean and dry the surface, caulk the product with a standard caulk gun over the repair surface, and let dry for two hours. The Quikrete Cos. 800-282-5828. Booth S10427

Tie rebar quickly

The DF 16 rebar tier provides contractors increased speed, efficiency, and ease of binding concrete reinforcing steel. The mechanical unit allows the operator to tie up to 1000 knots/hour. The operator places the unit on the reinforcing steel and uses one hand to press it down, releasing a tie wire that is instantly wrapped and tied around the rebar. Wacker Neuson. 800-770-0957. Booth O31708

Jobsite mixer

The 20-cu.-ft. EZ Grout Mud Hog Mixer (Model MH20) is designed to mix mortar, grout, and concrete efficiently. Its six reversible mixing paddles prevent clogging and decrease batch time. The large-capacity mixer is portable, with fork pockets on all sides and a compactable design that fits standard 8-ft. truck beds.Multiquip Inc. 800-421-1244. Booth C4813, O31840, O31846

Pervious edge roller

The constraints for installing pervious concrete flatwork allow very little time for edging. The Rolling Edger was developed as the quickest and easiest way to edge pervious flatwork. The company also offers jointing tools with interchangeable cutters up to 2 ½ in. in depth. Bunyan Industries. 800-228-6926. Booth C4557

Portable vibrator

The backpack vibrator drives shaft heads ranging from 1 3/16- to 2 ½-in. in diameter and up to 20 ft. long. Flexible shoulder assembly and bottle holder on backpack provide superior comfort. High-visibility backpack colors maximize safety. A four-stroke, 3-cu.-in. engine weighs less than 30 lbs. Denver Concrete Vibrator. 800-392-6703. Booth S12015

Scan before you drill

The PS 30 & 35 Ferrodetectors look beneath the surface to locate hazards within concrete and masonry that may present a safety risk when performing coring and drilling work. The detectors are capable of locating reinforcing bars in concrete up to 4 ¾ in., as well as copper or aluminum pipes in concrete or masonry up to 3 in., with an accuracy of ± 3/8 in. Hilti Inc. 800-879-8000. Booth O30808, O30900

Drills concrete with or without rebar

Their segmented shape makes Versa Cut Turbo diamond core bits highly productive in wet applications as well as when drilling brick, block, and stone. The bits can adapt to 1 ¼ in. to 7 in., drill to 14 in., and are available in diameters from 2 in. to 8 in. Husqvarna Construction Products. 800-288-5040. Booths C4313 & O30370

Crack-resistant repair mortar

The ZERO-C Concrete Repair Technology line of cementitious repair mortars exhibits no cracking when tested in accordance with ASTM C1581. A mix-and-match material design brings simplicity to the jobsite. The single-base mortar can be modified by using different liquids to change the material consistency as project demands change, reducing the number of materials that have to be stored on the jobsite. BASF Corp. 800-669-2273. Booth S10139

Restore surface shine

Gloss Restorer is designed for protection and cosmetic enhancement of concrete. Intended to be applied over existing sealers that have been dulled due to exposure to weather and UV light, the product leaves a super-high gloss finish. It bonds to and chemically alters the existing concrete sealer to restore and improve its original shine, depth of gloss, and luster. ChemMasters Inc. 800-486-7866. Booth S10138

Quick-fix polyurethane

The 10 Minute Concrete Mender penetrates deep into cracks for quick structural repair. This hybrid polyurethane uses ultra-low viscosity and surface tension to penetrate concrete faster than water without the excessive solvents associated with many other low-viscosity polymers. The combination of these two properties creates excellent bond strength, load transfer, and durability. Roadware Inc. 800-522-7623. Booth S11447

Ready-to-use trowels

Available in three handle styles, the Elite Series Five Star Trowel is designed and engineered for the professional finisher. The trowels are manufactured with machinery that precisely grinds the working surface of each individual trowel, producing a truly “broken in” blade ready for immediate use. Kraft Tool Co. 800-422-2448. Booth S11927

Epoxy resin for repairs

Prime Rez 1000 High Mod low-viscosity, high-strength, high-modulus epoxy resin can be injected into structural cracks in concrete, masonry, and stone, or used as a general purpose epoxy adhesive. Repair structural cracks by sealing the top of cracks where they appear on surfaces and using an injection pump to fill cracks and bond the resin to the concrete. Prime Resins. 800-321-7212. Booth S11321

Sealant for new construction and restoration

Sikasil silicones can improve the life of a structure, especially when water and air tightness are necessary for thermal insulation. Sikasil WS-290 is an ultra-low modulus, neutral-cure, and no-bleed silicone sealant used for installing windows, doors, and skylights; EIFS system joints and precast expansion joints; and weather sealing. Use Sikasil WS-295 for structural glazing and weather sealing applications. Sika Corp. 800-933-7452. Booth N2037

Stabilize concrete reinforcement

Connect the ends of small diameter reinforcing bars with the OS-Splice Clip. This method works for splicing tension bars, column ties, and stirrups. Under extreme compressive loads such as earthquakes, continuous ties help restrain the concrete from inside the column. Place connectors with a portable, compact installation tool. OCM Inc. 866-457-5710. Booth C6312

Versatile mortar for structural repairs

Repair deteriorated concrete with Meadow-Crete FNP Extended, a one-component, pre-extended, shrinkage-compensated repair mortar. Ideal for structural repairs and reinstatement of concrete elements, the product can be formed and poured, or pumped. With 3/8-in. nominal-size aggregate, the product can be used for applications requiring cathodic protection, impressed systems, or sacrificial node applications. W.R. Meadows Inc. 800-342-5976. www.wrmeadows.comBooths S10407, O31514

Dual-paddle mixer

The EZR 21 S dual-paddle mixer is quick and efficient when mixing heavy products such as mortar. The blades rotate in opposite directions, eliminating counter torque and making the unit easy to handle. Galvanized steel paddles mix the product from the bottom up to prevent air bubbles. The mixer can handle up to five bags or 25 gals. of material/hour. CS Unitec Inc. 800-700-5919. Booth O30652

Extreme wheelbarrow makeover

Redesigned to handle tough construction jobs, the Sterling's welded, one-piece steel leg unit provides strength by eliminating loose bolts. Capacity is 7 cu. ft. Metal Forms Corp. 414-964-4550. Booth N1421

Keep stained surfaces cool

CoolStain is a modified polymer, water-based, concrete color stain for existing, unsealed, exterior concrete surfaces. Its infrared reflective technology minimizes heat buildup of concrete surfaces exposed to sunlight. It can reduce surface temperature by 50° F. NewLook International. 877-763-9566. Booth O40743

Chemically reactive grout

Suitable for water control and soil stabilization challenges, AV-100 grout provides low viscosity, controllable gel set times, and extremely long life. It is effective in a wide range of underground applications, including tunnels, large excavation projects, and subways. Avanti International. 800-877-2570. Booth S11721