Newark building and construction products provide you with cost effective solutions. We have used our extensive experience to create a line of concrete forming tubes, rebar chairs and floor and door protection.

• Lifts the mesh, cable and/or wire off the ground, keeping the mesh supported above the membrane before and during concrete pouring
• Cutouts to serve to allow concrete to flow through and around chair
• Large base provides maximum resistance to being depressed into soft sub-surfaces, allowing to be effectively used on sand or soft fills
• Can be flipped over – one side used for wire and the other side used for rebar
– The wire side (“V” notched side) can be used for wire diameters ranging from 0.165" to 0.28"
– The rebar side (square notched side) can be used for #3 rebar with a diameter of 3/8"
• Only rebar chair manufactured entirely of recyclable materials. This offers the benefit of being sustainable and allowing contractors the ability to claim the benefits of the LEEDS credits
• Sturdy stable design allows for wire to be held securely in place
• Load tested and can hold over 410 lbs of weight
• Reduces supervision and requires no “hook man”
• Soon to come in various heights, currently 3" in height
• Made in the USA

Newark Building Group.

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