Many producers earn repeat customers by stocking extra building supplies and creating a convenient, one-stop shopping experience for contractors. World of Concrete will feature many new products that can save time and money on the job. Following is a sampling of products your customers may need. WOC booth numbers were correct at time of publication. Visit for a full exhibitor list.

Lightweight block

Designed for residential or commercial use, the Verti-Block, measuring 2 ft. x 4 ft. x 3 ft., can be stacked higher than other blocks without the use of tiebacks or geogrid. It features a 5-in. relief depth, hides joints, and gives finished walls the appearance of stacked stone. Verti-Block is easily stained and has a weather- and UV-resistant finish. As a light, hollow block, it requires less manpower, equipment, and transportation costs than traditional block. Verti-Crete. 801-571-2028. WOC Booth #N937

Protect concrete surfaces

Nu-Pool epoxy paint adds lasting protection and a semi-gloss finish to concrete, plaster, swimming pools, and spas with its high-impact, chemical- and abrasion-resistant surface. It can be rolled or sprayed easily and dries up to 6 to 8 mils. thick, per coat. Packaged in 1:1 mixing ratio by volume. San Juan Pools. 800-535-7946. WOC Booth #N3219

Capture jobsite images

The SV-1500 DVR Flashlight is a three-in-one solution operating as a flashlight, a still-photo camera, and a handheld video recorder. With the DVR, the operator can capture the scene, recording up to 8 GB of video. As a camera, the device has 17 infrared LEDs and it enables the user to take crisp color photos by day and clear black and white photos in the dark. As a flashlight, it has three brightness levels. Safety Vision, LP. 800-880-8855. WOC Booth #C6617

Prepare for winter

The NanoSet line of products includes a Densifier, Protector, and Cleaner used to polish and winterize concrete. The Densifier is a sustainable blend of inorganic polymers that densify and strengthen the structural integrity of concrete up to 6.4 mm or ¼ in. The Protector finishing sealer and conditioner is applied during the polishing process, and the Cleaner is a premium-grade cleaning solution that combines cleansing action with suspended silica technology. Newlook International Inc. 877-763-9566. WOC Booth #O40747

Recycled fiber reinforcement

The Green-Net is a fibrillated synthetic fiber made from 100% recycled polypropylene resin that controls cracking and increases the recycled content of concrete. It is typically used at 1.5 lbs./cu.yd. to control shrinkage and temperature cracking as an alternative to non-structural wire mesh reinforcement. Forta Corp. 800-245-0306. WOC Booth #N555

Tie rebar quickly

The RB397 Rebar Tying Tool is charged by a 14.4v lithium-ion battery and is capable of 2000 ties/charge. The tool can tie rebar up to #5 x #6 and features a trigger lock, torque adjustment dial, reversible belt hook, carrying case, and automatic shut-off when it is not in use. It comes standard with charger and battery pack. MAX USA Corp. 800-223-4293. WOC Booth #N2045

Floor protection

Skudo Floor is a temporary coating that adheres to almost any floor surface during construction. The heavy-duty, water-based coating forms a barrier over finished surfaces such as concrete, marble, stone, tile, and hardwood flooring. It shields floors from construction site damages and spills. When applied over freshly poured concrete, it protects the slab, as it retains more than 80% of moisture in the first 72 hours. Skudo USA. 888-758-3611. WOC Booth #N437

Simplify humidity testing

The Rapid RH 4.0 combines the Smart Sensor with a redesigned Easy Reader for fast, easy-to-use, accurate relative humidity testing. Anyone on the jobsite can obtain readings simply by inserting the compact reader into an installed Smart Sensor. Once the reading has been taken, it will continue to display on the Easy Reader for up to five minutes. Wagner Electronics. 800-634-9961. WOC Booth #S11553

Cover your tracks

Tidy Trax shoe covers allow users to wear dirty shoes indoors without leaving a single messy footprint. Put the shoe covers on by pointing your toe in and pushing down with your heel. They are lightweight, durable, easy to clean, and reusable. Tidy Trax Shoe Covers. 607-846-4520. WOC Booth #C6388

Bonding and patching agent

Ecopoxy Paste is a two-component, 100% solids, non-shrinking bonding agent and patching compound, made from eco-friendly resins and natural minerals. Designed for use under severe conditions of heavy shock and vibration, the agent bonds with a wide variety of substrates, including concrete, masonry, fiberglass, and foam. It is suitable for horizontal, vertical, and overhead applications. Ecolink Group, Inc. 604-270-0480. WOC Booth #S13210

Ledge reinforcement

xLerator is an ICF ledge reinforcement system for use with this company's ICFs. It replaces the need for stirrups and typical horizontal rebar for ledge reinforcement. A taper top system is available for increased support of slabs, floors, and other structural features. The weather-resistant system includes engineering details for multiple applications. Reward Wall Systems. 800-468-6344. WOC Booth #N355

Repair and waterproof

The three-step Hydrostop Restore & Protect System extends the life of aging and deteriorating concrete. The first step, waterproof Hydrostop Grout, repairs cracks and defects on the concrete surface. Hydrostop Coating, the second product, is a polymerized cementitious slurry that keeps out water and improves concrete's aesthetics. The final step, Hydrostop Sealer, is a long-lasting water repellent. Kryton International Inc. 800-267-8280. WOC Booth #S12115

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