Traditionally, producers' admixture promotion might have included telling contractors that fresh concrete would stay workable at a low water-cement ratio if they use a high-range water reducer. But it's difficult to market value-added concrete after the bidding stage. Innovative producers are starting to realize that marketing admixtures like air entraining agents, fibers and integral color requires a "target the owner, educate the user" approach before bidding starts. However, quality control gains new importance with value-added concrete, since admixtures do not compensate for poor concrete practices. It's easier to sell value-added concrete as a total system when the fresh product is placed and finished properly. Viewing owners as customers is apparent in strategies like holding seminars and promoting residential concrete at trade shows. Contractors also benefit from attending seminars, and producers can increase identification of value-added concrete by attaching brand names to various mixes. [keywords: admixture, value-added, promotion, marketing]