While cast stone has been used in construction since the turn of the century, producers using high-tech equipment and coloring techniques are creating a new niche for concrete. In an era when the natural is in demand, architects and home builders are turning to the solidity and strength that stone and stone-like products offer. These products include custom-made furniture, fireplaces, countertops, tabletops, benches, tiles, decorative objects, lintel and window, and stairway products. The growth in the use of concrete in residential interiors roughly corresponds with the trend toward more natural materials including wood, stone and brick, and warmer colors, such as tans, oranges and greens. Acid stains, colorings, colored aggregates and special molds can give concrete the look, texture and feel of quarried stone such as marble, granite and limestone. The Stone Legends production plant in Dallas offers ornamental creations" Fred Carey, president at Stone Legends has expanded his offerings from. To help further improve its image, Carey's company markets stairway pieces and fireplace mantels. Some producers have found their niche in the interior accessories market and cast these products exclusively. Others make a full line of precast products and find that countertops and interior accessories are value-added secondary products. The article also includes quality-control tips. Recently, managers at Stone Legends recently upgraded their production equipment to match increased production demands. Keywords: Buddy Rhodes, countertops, artist, cast stone, accessories, residential, interior, Stone Legends, ornamental, San Diego Precast, Robert Kelly Constructors, Advan-Tech, ArtCon, Artcrete, Concrete Producers, Cresset, Glaze 'N Seal, Increte, Rostine, Scofield, Specco, The Stamp Store, Super Stone, Testworth, Wasser