Engineers at the Knelson Group have found many similarities between fresh concrete recycling and mineral processing. Knelson plans to provide concrete producers with process simplification and handling system management with its Knelson Concrete Recovery System (KCRS).

A ready-mix producer who is considering recycling not only wants to know what to do with the aggregates but also, and more importantly, what to do with the water. Knelson's focus on what to do with the water leaves the question of what to do about reclaiming the aggregates. The aggregate separation component takes the form of a modified screw classifier designed to operate in a cementitious coarse material environment. The overall system was designed to be modular to allow the use of almost any variety of reclaimer or aggregate separation unit.

If the producer currently has reclamation equipment that functions acceptably, Knelson can supply the remainder of the system without forcing the producer to incur the cost of more hardware. If the producer has no reclamation method but prefers a particular system that's currently on the market, Knelson can interface with that system as required.

The process controls are based on a root operating system that allows the producer to override individual plant characteristics to meet specific needs. As part of the total product offering, Knelson will analyze the needs of each producer, consequently recommending an integration program.

The article includes detailed information about the KCRS operation.