It's time to be the judge and preside over this year's selection of new and improved products at World of Concrete. The entries represent products that will solve the problems faced in today's construction challenges. These creative entries are grouped by primary application in 10 categories. Remember, many entries could apply to more than one area, so be sure to look over the entire list so you don't miss out on an important product.

To vote for a product, click Vote Online located next to the product. Follow the steps on the proceeding page. You may only vote once in each category. Starting Feb. 1, you may text your vote to 99503 and enter the text number found next to the product listing. (Standard texting rates may apply, depending on your plan.) Voters are eligible for several prizes, including $100 gift certificates to the World of Concrete Bookstore.

At World of Concrete, you will have the opportunity to view all of the products in the MIP display in the Grand Concourse at the Las Vegas Convention Center. They also will be displayed in each exhibitor's booth on the show floor so you can get up close and personal with the products.

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Slurry recycling filter

The Auto-Vac C-Series Water Recycling/Cement Fines Dewatering Filter dewaters cement fines and yields 1.00 specific gravity, nearly ASTM C-94 grade batch water. The product filters cement fines and color pigments, allowing a producer to recycle process water back into the batch without influencing set-times and finishing. It separates water from cement fines, generating ½ micron clean, colorless, recyclable water and dry, manageable, and dewatered solids for easy transport or reuse. The filtered water is pumped into a nonpotable clean water tank for reuse. ALAR Recycling Systems. 708-479-6100.

See product at WOC Booth #N614

Ice & and Water Batcher

Cooling fresh concrete is easier now, thanks to a system that mixes batch water with weighed crushed ice. The weighed batching system enables producers to accurately add cooled water and ice to the mix. This batcher is a two-compartment container; the outer silo is for water and has a 2-yd. capacity. This compartment has a butterfly-type discharge gate of six diameters and pneumatic actuator. The inside component weighs crushed ice and has a volume of 1.43 yd. The batcher has a live bottom discharge with three 12-in.-diameter screw conveyors. Odisa Concrete Equipment SA de CV. 00 52 55 54 26 33 42.

See product at WOC Booth #N937

Monitor concrete delivery

The Concrete Optimizer monitors and controls the concrete delivery process. It measures volume, slump, temperature, revolution count, and if the concrete is mixed well in transit. It provides slump control, added water registration, and a full signaling system. All captured data is available online with seamless interface to third party dispatch. The easy installation does not tamper with the truck's mechanical system. SensoCrete. 450-510-0107.

See product at WOC Booth #N371