A preview of some of the exhibitors' products follows. Booth numbers were correct at time of printing.

Provides efflorescence control

Providing water repellency, efflorescence control, and increased strength and performance, Rheopel Plus admixture adds visual appeal to manufactured concrete products and precast/prestressed concrete. Using small amounts of the product gives big results. Suitable applications include architectural block, single-wythe masonry construction, pavers, segmental retaining wall units, and concrete roof tile. BASF Corp. 800-669-2273. www.basf.com.PCI Booth #127.

Modeling software

Delivered as an add-in to the SolidWorks 3D design software, StructureWorks Precast 2007 SP2.0 synchronizes and automates all drawing types, bills of material, and engineering content for a building project. Built on a CAD engine, it is also integrated with Microsoft SQL Server. File opening times have also been drastically reduced. StructureWorks LLC. 303-278-4111. www.structureworks.net.PCI Booth #139.

Central mix plant

MobileMat central mix batch plants, manufactured by Germany's Wiggert + Co., provide consistent concrete production at the jobsite. They come in 10 standard capacities from 30 to 120 cubic yards per hour, and include an advanced PCS control system, moisture sensors, and precision load cells. Advanced Concrete Technologies Inc. 603-431-5661. www.concretebiz.com.PCI Booth #212..

Void covers for precast

The Burke Lift Cover is designed to fit oval-shaped voids in precast concrete, saving time and money and providing a uniform, consistent appearance. They are easy to install and are available in a variety of standard and custom colors. High Concrete Accessories. 800-508-2583. www.highconcreteaccessories.com.PCI Booth #219.

Thin brick

MetroBrick TBX-grade architectural thin brick for precast concrete elements are designed with a channel back for superior bond, and fit into any formliner system. Corner pieces and edge caps are manufactured to hold shape. These thin bricks come in a variety of colors and finishes, including unwaxed or waxed finish. Custom colors and blending are available. Ironrock/MetroBrick. 888-325-3945. www.ironrock.com. PCI Booth #241.

Formliners give clean concrete finish

VinyLok trapezoidal formliners are designed for high re-use and a clean concrete finish with no nail head impressions or grooves. Extruded in lengths of up to 40 feet for use in precast applications, they feature interlocking nailing strips that let the contractor fasten the liner to the substrate. The formliners are made from ABS plastic, which has exceptional strength and resiliency, yet is cut easily with hand or power tools. Fitzgerald Formliners. 800-547-7760. www.formliners.com. PCI Booth #301.

Pre-stressing strand

Strand-Tech Martin manufactures pre-stressing strand that meets ASTM A416 in most diameters, including grades 250, 270, and 300, both in low and normal relaxation. Strand-Tech Martin. 877-783-3305. www.strandtech.com.PCI Booth #307.

Paper stencils

The Stenciled Concrete paper stencil patterns resemble brick, stone, or tile. On fresh concrete, the stencil is placed on the surface and a dry-shake color hardener is applied over the stencil and troweled in. After the concrete has set, the stencil is removed to reveal the pattern. Using textured rollers and release agents further improves the surface's appearance. Artcrete Inc. 888-328-9321. www.artcrete.com. PCI Booth #308.

Moisture sensor for mixers

The Hydro-Mix VI is a microwave sensor for accurate moisture measurements within static pan, horizontal shaft, and ribbon mixers. The sensor interfaces directly with all control systems. The company's Hydro-Com software enables remote calibration, configuration, and firmware upgrades. Built for rugged use, the unit features a hardened steel wear ring and ceramic face-plate. Hydronix. 888-887-4884. www.hydronix.com. PCI Booth #311.

Portable converter for external vibrators

The FUE series variable frequency converters deliver consistent and customized power to external vibrator motors to maximize daily precast production, reduce noise, and optimize concrete consolidation. The converters can be controlled manually or remotely, and can be programmed to operate the vibrators in series. They also are portable enough for construction sites. Wacker Corp. 800-770-0957. www.wackergroup.com.PCI Booth #335.

US-made planetary mixer

Mixer Systems now offers a planetary mixer manufactured in the United States. The counter-current rotating action of the mixing arms can produce a uniform batch of concrete, aggregate, liquid, and other materials in as little as 30 seconds. Domestic manufacturing provides several benefits, such as shortening delivery time to weeks instead of months. Electrical systems also are built for the U.S. industrial environment and don't require rewiring. Mixer Systems Inc. 800-756-4937. www.mixersystems.com. PCI Booth #421.