OMNI is a pre-engineered foundation, with a flexible bolt circle, conduit, and pre-packaged bolts.

OMNI Foundation supports lamp poles for commercial lighting. They are reinforced precast concrete cylindrical structures that include a customizable PVC sleeve for various size conduits. Available base sizing runs 24-inch diameter by 7-foot long and is suitable for 80% of the lamp poles and light fixtures used in commercial applications. The pre-engineered plate design allows for bolt circles ranging from 7.5 inches to 11 inches and is suitable for either 1 inch bolt or ¾ inch bolt sizes.

OMNI Foundations are readily available in stock, allowing for same day pick up and install. OMNI is a quick and reliable replacement for on-site pouring, eliminating typical cast-in place considerations such as accounting for weather, concrete strength, and correct alignment.

Oldcastle Precast.

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