Martin Engineering has launched a new line of concrete vibrators designed for extended service life and the high demand that precast concrete jobs entail. According to a press release:

Cougar Concrete Form Vibrators from Martin Engineering utilize Class H windings and a rigid alloy frame to withstand maximum force output levels for longer sustained periods. Designed to replace current vibrators sold for these demanding applications, the units are engineered with external bolt patterns compatible with conventional form brackets, creating a secure fit that allows the concrete to settle quickly for even distribution without air pockets. The result is greater reliability and service life, for a lower overall cost of operation.

“Most concrete form vibrators have class F windings with a lower temperature rating,” explained David Ruggio, Vibration Product Specialist at Martin Engineering. “Class H windings are able to withstand a higher internal temperature, allowing the units to run longer without having to be serviced or replaced as often.”

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