StoneTree Walls are not limited to the height of the wall sections which are typically available in 6ft./1.8m or 8ft./2.4m heights. StoneTree Walls can be stacked and have been engineered to date to a height of 16ft./4.8m resulting in expanded applications to include security walls, sound barriers and screening. The methodology of stacking StoneTree Walls requires proper engineering for the geographical area in which the wall will be built.  This will determine the footing size, concrete, reinforcing, and the type and size of the required column structural support. By using the variety of designs available with the system, walls can be stacked that employ the "picture frame" design which with creative coloring provides for a very aesthetically pleasing finish, or with some of the later designs, the walls can be stacked without the picture frame design for a more continuous pattern in the wall. Needless to say, either design works very efficiently in attaining the desired finished product and securing a project with the StoneTree System.