Protect concrete pipe and structures

StudLiner concrete embedment liners use studs (approx. 110 per sq. ft.) to lock into a concrete surface and protecting it from corrosion, erosion, and mechanical damage. The high-density polyethylene liners are available in gray or black, and in a variety of sizes to fit specific applications - including industrial, municipal, and civil projects.

GSE Lining Technology, LLC. 800-435-2008. Booth #1332

Upgraded washout system

The ConcreteMixers.Biz high-pressure washout system has been upgraded to include a three-jet head for pan style mixers and a four-jet head for larger twin shaft and ribbon mixers. Pump sizes from 20 - 40 gal./min. ensure that the full 1000 psi pressure is available, even with four-jet heads in large mixers. The washout cycle can be manual, timed, or controlled remotely, allowing inter-batch washout water to be used in the subsequent batch.

Scale-Tron Inc. 800-632-7083. Booth #901

Durable, permeable paved surface

Drivable Grass consists of concrete muffins connected by a grid system. The tile-like 2x2-ft. squares flex and conform to uneven ground surfaces without separating, and allow space for vegetation, sand, gravel, or other infill. Even when saturated, Drivable Grass maintains the characteristics of a stable, grassy surface while minimizing wheel rutting and water runoff. Qualifies for numerous LEED credits.

Soil Retention. 800-346-7995. Booth #1920

Hands-free water processing

The Slurry-Klean compact plate and frame filter press can filter and purge automatically, providing continuous operation with minimal labor. When its cloth filters fill with suspended solids, the press opens and captured material falls into a collection bin. Then the press closes automatically and the filtration cycle repeats. The portable system is capable of handling a variety of process waters, with a small footprint and simple utility requirements.

Alar Water Recycling Systems. 708-479-6100. Booth #2001

Cast manhole and box openings

Made from heavy-duty steel or aluminum, the company's hole formers and gasket ring formers are designed for longevity, and ease of installation and handling. Hole formers, used to produce precast manholes and boxes, can fit several configurations: flat wall without gasket, and round wall without gasket, centered or offset. Gasket ring formers can fit round or flat walls.

Haala Industries. 507-794-5821. . Booth #716

Treat wastewater biologically

BioFloc flocculant and organic biological digester treats wastewater and controls odors by breaking down emulsified oils, encapsulating heavy metals, degrading surfactants and other chemicals, and reducing sodium levels. BioFloc coagulates organic and inorganic particulates, then digests and dissolves the resulting sludge in a process that improves water quality and provides nutrients for vegetation growth. Treated water can be reused for irrigation.

NaEx Corp. 800-956-0063. Booth #2006

Sound-absorptive technology

Softsound is a porous, wood-based material that is ideal for noise wall applications. It resists rotting, decay, mildew or mold build-up, insect nesting, vermin, termites, combustion, and is durable under all weather conditions. The lightweight material weighs an average 36 lbs./cu. ft. and is 100% recyclable. Qualified precast producers can become licensed Softsound manufacturers.

Easi-Set Worldwide. 800-547-4045. Booth #1736

Intelligent batch controls

Smart Temperature, part of the company's process control & automation systems, automatically balances the use of water sources (ice, cold, hot, slurry) to obtain the desired concrete temperature. Despite environmental changes, Smart Temperature consistently optimizes quality, batch-after-batch to reduce cost, materials, and energy. The system eliminates variances and guesswork by automatically balancing elements that may jeopardize delivery commitments.

Marcotte Systems. 855-652-6520. Booth #737

Long-lasting manhole covers

The Lifespan System a watertight, corrosion-proof, and highly durable manhole frame and cover system designed to eliminate un-wanted inflows at the cover and chimney area of a manhole. The frame and adjustable risers are made of ultra high-performance rubber; the locking cover is available in cast iron and a lighter weight composite material. Lifespan comes in 24- and 27-in. sizes, with a 30-in. model coming in 2012.

Hamilton Kent. 800-268-8479. Booth #1730

Check your temperature

The rugged, compact Thermo-Tuff temperature sensor is suited for harsh environments such as concrete mixers and aggregate bins. The sensor's design enables a two-wire current loop connection with a linear output for easy connection to all control systems, over a range of 0 - 80 degrees. Install with a mounting collar for mixers or an extension mounting sleeve for aggregate bins.

Hydronix Ltd. 888-887-4884. Booth #931