Here's your chance to vote on the concrete industry's most unique products, technologies, and materials that will be on display at World of Concrete. Attendees can find the entries at exhibitors' booth throughout the exhibit halls and listed and described in one convenient location at the MIP display located in the Grand Concourse, outside the Central Hall at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Readers who do not attend the show can vote online at Winners will be announced Feb. 15. Winners in the Concrete Production category will be published in the April/May issue. Following are the Concrete Production entries.

Flowable fill reduces labor, expenses

Stable Flow, a Caltrans-approved and ASTM C260-certified product, not only provides a superior, noncollapsing, excavatable flowable fill, but also the ability to reduce labor, time, and material expenses. In a test for a large flowable fill contractor, Stable Flow only required a dilution rate of one part of concentrate to 120 parts of water, three times the dilution of most competitors.

Cellular Concrete Technologies. 877-828-1954.

WOC booth N1256

Ice for your mix

The Flake Ice Plant features a new ISO container and has an aluminum floor. The plant produces ice on refrigerated drums by spraying water onto the drum's ice-cold surface, where it immediately freezes. Optimum ice thickness is 1.55 mm, which guarantees the highest possible output and the shortest possible mixing and melting time inside the mixer.

KTI, a partner of Liebherr Concrete Technology. 866-879-6312.

WOC booth N237

Solve all of your heating needs

The containerized Turbomatic thermal energy unit was developed to solve all heating and heat treatment needs in the ready-mix, precast, block, paver, and pipe industries, including quick melting of frozen aggregates in the receiving hopper in seconds.

Standley Batch Systems. 800-325-8084.

WOC booth N152

Produce concrete as ordered

Techcrete is the first truck-mounted concrete mixer using load cells and onboard batch controls, producing concrete continuously by weight, not volume. This results in improved quality and productivity and reduced operating costs. Techcrete provides insurance that every load of concrete is produced as ordered.

Maxon Industries Inc. 800-236-9944.

WOC booth O30030

Ensure proper air content

Model 300 custom-designed air entrainment machine ensures ready-mix and precast producers achieve required air content every time at little to no added expense. Users can predictably add, entrain, and maintain air content in virtually all typical conditions and for most needs. The heavy-duty, large production model is designed for medium to large size producers.

Cellular Concrete Technologies. 877-828-1954.

WOC booth N1256