Chute wash system

Intended for use at the jobsite, the lightweight aluminum chute wash system separates coarse material from slurry wastes and returns waste to the drum. The system is easy to install and simple to use, without pumps or valves that can clog or fail. Protect the environment while adding income to your bottom line.Booth N258

Envirochute. 250-715-8100. Booth N258

Ensure compliance with codes and standards

The company offers third-party product certification to demonstrate to regulators and building inspectors that your building products, materials, and designs meet the requirements of applicable codes and rigorous standards such as the International Building Code, International Residential Code, and local building codes.

IAPMO Evaluation Service. 800-854-2766. . Booth N547

Double-beam mobile gantry cranes

DB Series rubber-tired, double-beam gantry cranes are designed for long-term, heavy-duty cycle work in moderate terrain. The mobile cranes are ideal for concrete plant managers searching for more cost-effective ways to do business. They are durable, easy to maintain, and versatile in their lifting environment. Optional features include flexible steering modes, ability to rotate loads faster and more efficiently, and reduced fuel consumption.

Shuttlelift. 920-743-8650. Booth C6523

Mobile precast/prestressed plant

Produce precast elements and hollow core slabs for remote jobs onsite with the company's mobile precast/prestressed plant. Equipment includes a batch plant, extruder/slipformer and molds, portable steel beds, tensioning and de-tensioning equipment, portable gantry crane, and accessories.

Weiler GmbH. 613-878-3435. Booth N1113

Precast concrete pump station

For producing complex and smooth precast concrete elements, the UPP100 upcrete Pump Station is designed for easy cleaning and capacities to 706 cu. ft./hr. Filling is possible via individual reservoir (bucket conveyor etc.), ready-mix truck, or crane bucket. It can be adapted to fit the requirements of precast concrete plants.

Ratec LLC. Booth N451

High-efficiency water heater

The company's Hybrid Heater is designed to efficiently heat large volumes of water for ready-mix concrete plants. The 3 million BTU/hour heater achieves 95%+ true efficiency, and can reach 208° F outlet temperature without discharging steam from the exhaust stack. Unlike common direct-fired heaters, the heater has a recirculation mode to maintain storage tank water at an adjustable temperature setting. The unit is built to ASME Code and ships complete with no assembly required.

Sioux Corp. 888-763-8833. Booth N327