For the seventh year, World of Concrete attendees and editors of Hanley Wood's commercial magazines, including THE CONCRETE PRODUCER, judged which of this year's 99 Most Innovative Product nominees bring the most innovation to the concrete industry.

It was a difficult choice, as all of the entries bring their own unique brand of innovation to the table. But the votes are in. Below are the winning entries in the categories that will most interest concrete producers. They are sorted by category and whether the product is an Attendee's Choice, an Expert's Choice, or both. To see information on each entry in all 14 categories, visit



Portable Washout System

The Contractor's Portable Concrete Washout System is a trailer-mounted, self-contained system that allows contractors to wash concrete tools and wash out ready-mix truck chutes and concrete trailer pumps, keeping jobsites free of concrete washout water contamination. Easily towed by a pickup truck, it includes a strainer that separates water from the waste concrete, pumping it back into the water tank for reuse as washout water. A patent-pending tilt bin simplifies dumping the small pieces of waste concrete. Both environmentally and user-friendly, the complete system comes fully assembled. On Site Washout Corp. 831-458-2007.


Power Train Protection

The Power Train Saver protects trucks of all sizes from over-torque damage. Installed into the existing drive shaft, it works on a system of three shear pins, called torque fuses, that are engineered and tensile-tested to precisely shear just prior to the power train breaking point. When over-torque occurs, the torque fuses shear, preventing damage to the drive shaft, axles, gears, and differentials. After shearing, the unit freewheels on an internal support bushing and pin that keeps the drive shaft in place rather than falling to the ground and causing other damage. Repair is just a matter of backing off the nuts and replacing the broken torque fuses. Sonnax Industries. 802-843-2600.