Bosch Mortar Knife Employs Industry-First Design for Mortar-Removal Precision, Increased Speed Blunt tip delivers deeper plunge while protecting brick, block and stone; sharpened blade edge cuts mortar and removes debris faster Mortar removal between sensitive brick, block and stone can be a difficult and time-consuming task, even for the seasoned pro. But masons, contractors and architects just got some tuckpointing relief with the introduction of the Bosch Mortar Knife, a mortar-removal tool for SDS-plus® rotary hammers that’s both more precise and faster than any current mortar-removal options that include flat chisels not optimized for tuckpointing applications.

The knife’s Precision Plunge Tip is based on a unique design that combines a blunt point with a sharpened knife edge. The Bosch Mortar Knife has an 8" working length that allows it to plunge deep into mortar while a sharp straight edge cuts away debris quickly and easily without jamming. Mortar knife widths of ¼" and 3/8" ensure precise fit between brick, block and stone – with a reduced risk of damage.“The mortar knife works like a conventional knife so the precision is great. That’s important when the project involves expensive stone or brick, or a historic facade that cannot be replaced,” said Matt Van, product manager, concrete accessories, Bosch. “No company has ever adapted this centuries-old knife design to tuckpointing in renovation and construction.

The combination of accuracy and speed cannot be beat.”Speed is Product of Design The Bosch Mortar Knife is faster in debris removal thanks to a cutting action that can be used from more angles than a plug chisel. The sharp edge of the tool crushes mortar and then removes it quickly and it won’t leave extra “half-moon” material in the head joint like a diamond blade. Product life is extended thanks to use of superior induction-hardened materials and a blunt tip that’s not susceptible to breakage. The mortar knife is built for SDS-plus® hammers for maximum power transfer.