BW Manufacturing introduces the latest in surface preparation technology, the D-1800. The D-1800 is the response to years of contractor’s requests to solve the messy, time consuming issue of emptying the machine. The hydraulic dump box gives you the ability to dump a 55 gallons worth of material in seconds. Along with its powerful dust collection system the D-1800 leaves you with a virtually dust free environment sought after by today’s contractor. Other features for the new D-1800 include a newly designed Blast Head.

The BH-18 Blast Head features the same blast pattern found in the BH-16 while delivering increased production with a 2” wider path. Fully replaceable inner liners increase housing life. Cushioned swivel castors allow easy maneuvering over flat surfaces. Also, newly designed seals, floater plates, and shot separator system allows an in increased production and decrease in shot consumption. Other chassis upgrades include a planetary gear drive for greater low end torque and faster drive speeds. Newly formatted controls and seating position give the operator a better view in front and behind machine attachments. A new tilted hood allows easier access for maintenance as well as other internal advancements to decrease service intervals and increase production.

For customers interested in upgrading their current SCB-1600 chassis, all heads are fully interchangeable with the new D-1800 chassis. For more information on the D-1800 and BH-18 please contact BW Manufacturing, Inc or visit our website ( to locate your nearest dealer.