Dispensing systems take the guesswork out of adding color to concrete. They provide the accuracy and consistency to give producers the right color every time. Available for powder, granular, and liquid pigments, these computerized systems save money by simplifying the process, improving efficiency, while decreasing waste. For ready-mix plants, precast producers, or mounted on mobile mixers, they also can be used to create multicolored, blended, or marbleized looks.

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Liquid color dispenser for producers

The 1000S-MW series liquid dispensing system is designed to produce multicolored or single-colored masonry units, precast pieces, or integrally colored ready-mix concrete. It uses solid state weighing systems to measure each of the colors in each batch. Other features include gravity color discharge and clear water rinse after each cycle. Dynamic Color Solutions Inc. 800-657-0737. www.dynamiccolorsolutions.com.

Blended color products

The Besser OMAG Colormix system provides producers with unlimited flexibility for marbleizing and blending colors for unique and attractive concrete products. All color blends produced are completely repeatable during future production runs and are available for three-color or four-color blends. The system is easy to set up and operate. Besser Co. 800-968-0444. www.besser.com.

German-made coloring systems

Würschum color metering systems provide quality, accuracy, and easy use for the concrete producer. Systems are designed for powder, granule, and liquid pigments. The TFW powder metering system is designed for weighing small quantities of all pigment types. Versatility and a compact design are hallmarks of the COM 30 and COM 70 granule systems. Assorted liquid dispensers are available. Advanced Concrete Technologies Inc. 603.431-5661. www.concretebiz.com.

Color dispensing system

The Chromix-It Color Center allows buckets of Chromix-ML (mixed liquid) to be produced for almost any application. Using formulas stored in memory, it dispenses more than 400 popular colors. The easy-to-use touch screen simplifies operation. L.M. Scofield Co. 800-800-9900. www.scofield.com.

Color dispenser for producers

The ColorSelect PC Liquid Dispensing system is a fully integrated, automated system specifically designed for ready-mix concrete producers. High-tech computer controls and motor drives ensure accuracy, quality control, and performance. Components include a PC with flat screen monitor, control panel, hose pumps, and weigh cell holding chamber. Solomon Colors. 800-624-0261. www.solomoncolors.com.

Liquid color dispenser

The Chameleon color metering system combines color-metering technology with a personal computer to satisfy the needs of ready-mix concrete producers. Optimized to work with Hydrotint liquid pigments, it is an efficient, accurate, easy-to-use system for weighing, blending, and conveying colors into a truck. This modular system also is easy to install and customize, and can grow to match changing requirements. Davis Colors. 800-356-4848. www.daviscolors.com.

Automated color dispenser

The Megastar3 automated color dispenser is designed for using granular pigments in ready-mix plants. It increases production efficiency, reduces waste, and ensures consistency from batch to batch. Highly flexible, it can be operated indoors or out. Interstar Pigments, Admixtures & Fibers. 800-567-1857. www.interstar.ca.

Color dispenser for mobile mixers

The Zimmerman Liquid Color Dispenser system offers the beauty of colored concrete with the convenience of a mobile mixer. The system works with various manufacturers' liquid pigments and allows color changes in minutes. The variable speed pump also produces color shades. Zimmerman Industries Inc. 888-577-6499. www.zimmermanindustries.com.