The CPM-1000 is built for transferring and placing concrete for the support of multiple concrete paving and construction applications. With its unique twin auger remixing system and elevated discharge conveyor, the CPM-1000 provides easy unloading of trucks with powerful re-blending of fresh concrete, eliminating the cumbersome tunnel transfer.

The truck unloading hopper has a capacity of over seven yards, with an articulating floor to ensure complete emptying of mix. The large converging augers drive fresh concrete into the C1 augers, with throughput in excess of 300 yards per hour.

The folding discharge belt conveyor uses a swing gear drive to protect its frame from whipping. Its unique “high-mount” design, gives 50” clearance above grade, so you can discharge over and across most median barriers easily.

Features Include:
Operator positions on both sides.
Control panel swivels for use on from either side.

Truck Dump Hopper
Front hopper has swivel support casters.
Hydraulic, adjustable push rollers.
Hydraulic adjustable front hopper baffle

Dump Hopper transverse auger
22” (559 mm) o.d. cast, segmented auger.

Dump Hopper unloading conveyor
Drag conveyor with 300 yph

Paver Loading Conveyor
Drag conveyor with 300 yph
Maximum conveyor discharge height is 12’ (3,658 mm) from ground level.
Controls interlock with surge bin unloading conveyor.
Conveyor can be positioned up to 85° to either side of center.


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