McLanahan Corporation has taken existing filter press technology and applied it for use in recycling concrete process water. These filter presses are safer, simpler and smarter pieces of equipment that help producers do more with their existing resources and create a higher ROI by creating a process in which cementitious water, created from washing out concrete trucks, can be recycled and reused.

Filter presses designed for use in the concrete industry offer producers the ability to separate cement fines from washout water; produce clean, reusable water; and create solid cakes made of cement fines that can be recycled into base material or other beneficial uses.

Used primarily after a reclaimer, slurry is pumped into a filter press, which then uses fluid pressure to dewater the cement fines, creating a dry cake of cement fines and water that can be reused in the batch plant. Once a dewatered cake has been created, the filter press opens, releasing the cakes, which can then be easily handled.

McLanahan sales and engineering teams have extensive experience designing and installing filter presses in a variety of industries, including concrete washout systems.