The CORK (Concrete Opening Repair Kit) is the newest, most innovative and fastest way to form slab and wall penetrations, core drills, abandoned pipe chases and layout sleeves ranging from 2” to 12” and up to 16” deep. Within literally seconds you are ready to fill holes in both horizontal and vertical applications with your preferred product (concrete, grout, etc.). Until the introduction of the CORK, the method for patching and filling holes has been to form the hole from below with plywood (once it has been located) off of ladders or lifts, go back up above and fill the hole with preferred product and then return the next day to go back downstairs and strip the plywood (which once again is done off of ladders or lifts) from the ceiling as it is combustible and not allowed to stay in the ceiling.

The CORK’s are made out of steel and aluminum which can be left behind in the ceiling as they are non-combustible and pose no potential fire hazard. Whether it is new construction, building renovation or working in an occupied facility, it is now fast and simple with the CORK to perform all of the work from above as it can be extremely time consuming and labor intensive forming and stripping the opening from below not to mention searching for the hole location from the floor below especially once all of the mechanical and electrical is installed and access is limited. It may sometimes not even be an option if you are working in an occupied facility. Now imagine how it long it takes for a worker to perform this task the traditional way which involves far more labor, travel time and equipment with the use of ladders and lifts which then also opens the door to unnecessary safety risks and exposures.

To use the CORK, you simply select the proper size device for the hole in the slab or wall you need to fill, push it through the opening, slide the reusable applicator into place, slide reusable custom slip nut over the threaded rod and tighten by hand. You are now ready to install reinforcing per the engineers specifications and fill the hole with your preferred product (concrete, grout, etc.) Once the product has hardened, simply break off the remaining all thread at finish floor height by hand as there is no need for a grinder or electricity. There are five CORK sizes available to provide coverage for holes ranging from 2” to 12” with plenty of overlap in between. The reusable applicators are painted safety yellow to identify construction activity and are elevated off the floor or wall to allow for optimal hand finishing of preferred products such as concrete or grout. Have a floor or wall opening that needs to be filled? Let us help you ‘Put a CORK in it!