Mike Rowe has had some nasty jobs. Exterminator, well digger, sewer inspector, and dozens of other unsavory positions litter his resume. But the host of the Discovery Channel's popular “Dirty Jobs” program found concrete chipper among the most objectionable tasks he's stepped into. Soon after he wiggled inside the cramped, clogged confines of the drum, he quickly wanted out.

Cleaning concrete from your equipment and vehicles is unpleasant work. Fortunately, there are a number of products, tools, and services designed to make that job easier, or take it off your to-do list completely. Following are some truck and drum cleaning products and services.

CONEXPO-CON/AGG booth numbers were correction at time of publication.

Drum coating

Drum Saver is a non-hazardous, non-corrosive blend of chemicals that provides interior drum surfaces with a protective barrier, preventing concrete from adhering to the drum and fins. It increases drum life, reduces the need for chipping, doesn't require applicator tools, and avoids the need to enter the drum. Power Kleen Corp. 800-844-2648. www.powerkleen.com.

Concrete buildup remover

Concrete Blaster liquid removes hardened concrete from ready-mix trucks, mixers, screeds, and other equipment. The biodegradable product comes ready to use. Apply with a brush or pump sprayer to saturate the surface; let sit, then remove. It saves chipping and sandblasting costs. The Euclid Chemical Co. 800-321-7628. www.euclidchemical.com.

Durable brushes

Useful in removing tough concrete deposits from trucks, drums, and other surfaces, Orange-Crete brushes are made of acid-resistant fibers. Each brush is configured so that acid or other materials cannot penetrate near the base of the bristles, ensuring longer life. Riviera Brush Co. 800-225-4724. www.rivierabrush.com.Booth #S-10229.

Anti-sticking treatment

Fusion is an epoxy-free, long-lasting treatment that coats the inside of steel or composite drums, creating a surface with greater anti-sticking properties than Teflon. Less water is needed for wash-outs, added weight due to hardened concrete is avoided, and hardened concrete won't damage fins. Environmental Manufacturing Solutions. 877-424-6979. www.enviromfg.com.Booth #GP-50085.

Waterjet lance

The Gyra Jet LP is a rotating, hand-held tool that directs up to 60,000 psi for concrete cleaning. Its compact design allows work in tight quarters; comfortable grips allow the operator to maintain control of the lance. The unit uses a pneumatic drill motor to power manifold rotation. Jet Edge Inc. 800-538-3343. www.jetedge.com.

Chipping service

The company specializes in removing hardened concrete from the inside of ready-mix trucks, mixers, and silos. The company dispatches personnel and gear directly to plants or jobsites, adhering to all safety requirements. Coast 2 Coast Inc. Concrete Chipping. 877-216-8116. www.c2c-chipping.com.Booth #GP-50041.

Drum-cleaning jet

The Ready Jet automated, boom-mounted, high-pressure water jet lets users clean drums without entering them. The mobile, self-contained system uses only supply water. No harmful chemicals or jackhammers damage the drum or blades. A wireless remote offers precise control; a multi-position tower and boom design accommodates all mixer types. Blasters Ready Jet Inc. 800-327-6799. www.blastersreadyjet.com. Booth #H-28022.

Truck chipping

The company specializes in chipping concrete from mixer trucks and silo cleaning, and also can handle special jobs, such as full plant cleaning. Trained concrete-removal technicians perform all work without subcontractors. America Concrete Service. 866-487-2041. www.americaconcreteservice.com.

Odor-free disolver

Back-Set is a safe, cost-effective alternative to acidic concrete removers. The odor-free product attacks portland cement on the molecular level, dissolving the hardened material into mud you can rinse off. The active ingredient contains no muriatic, hydrofluoric, sulfuric, or phosphoric acids. RoMix Chemical and Brush Inc. 800-331-2243. www.romixchem.com. Booth #S-8701.