Dry-fast formula is easily removed from non-porous surfaces and doesn’t damage primers, paints, or powder coating.

Markal’s new DURA-INK WashAway industrial marker is engineered with a special ink formula that is bright and highly visible, and dries fast, but can be removed from all non-porous surfaces with water or detergent. DURA-INK WashAway removes completely without traces of ghosting or residue and will not interfere with top-coat primers, paints, or powder coating.

“Every industrial marker needs to create a clear, easy-to-read mark on materials in the industrial setting; however, there are many circumstances under which those marks must be later removed to complete the job,” said Benjamin Kleiman, director of marketing for LA-CO Industries, manufacturer of Markal brands. “DURA-INK WashAway meets these requirements, improving jobsite efficiency and requiring no harsh solvents or abrasives to remove.” Mr. Kleiman added that DURA-INK WashAway is specially formulated without xylene, which is of particular importance to the industries served by Markal products.

“According to the EPA, short-term exposure to xylene results in irritation of the eyes, nose, throat and gastrointestinal system; while long-term exposure can negatively impact the central nervous system, as well as cardiovascular and respiratory systems. Our new DURA-INK WashAway is an important step toward removing the dangers of xylene from the jobsite environment,” he said.

Available in pink, blue and green ink, DURA-INK WashAway is quick and easy to use, features a compact design for improved comfort and control, and a clip cap to reduce rolling off of work surfaces.


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