New advancements in formliner designs are helping concrete producers meet a growing demand for attractive concrete solutions. Today's formliners add the benefits of creativity and flexibility to the time- and cost-savings of precast walls. Custom and artistic designs are becoming more popular, adding to the wide array of stock patterns already available. Formliners are made with more flexible materials, such as liquid rubbers, that reduce breakage when concrete panels are removed from molds. And now, producers can cast with formliners both horizontally and vertically.

Formliner flexibility

RECKLI elastic formliners are flexible enough to create intricate designs for precast and tilt-up applications without breaking during removal. Use them with standard self-compacting and fiber-reinforced concrete. Many patterns are guaranteed to 100 pours. More than 250 patterns are in stock, and forms can also be custom-made. Photo engraving is also available to transfer design images directly to the formliner. Nawkaw is the exclusive U.S. distributor. Nawkaw Corp. 800-905-2692.

Cast-in-place wall system

Stone-Crete is a cast-in-place structural wall system that duplicates the look of natural stone walls. Stone-Crete offers the versatility and strength of concrete and is ideal for retaining walls, foundation walls, bridges, and dams, landscaping accents, highway sound barriers and other large DOT projects. It is available in 10 standard deep relief patterns and unlimited colors. Increte Systems Inc. 800-752-4626.

Seamless stone walls

The polyurethane Country Ledge form-liner is flexible, reusable, and can be cut in the field and attached to standard dimensional foam or wood concrete forms. This formliner is available in 2x7- and 3x7-ft. sheets that can be interlocked, using four different filler stones to create a visually seamless transition. The two sizes of liners can be used together. Additional formliner components can add patterns and textures to inside and outside corners, and the end or terminus of a wall. The Country Ledge Form Liner works for walls of any length and height. Butterfield Color. 800-282-3388.

Reusable formliners in multiple shapes

Additional architectural shapes and profiles have been added to the standard line of reusable and flexible Pacific Formliner. Create decorative concrete steps, countertops, pool copings, and wall caps. There are now 16 standard profiles in two sizes—6 in. and 7-1/2 in. tall—to choose from. Pacific Concrete Images. 800-898-5581.

Concrete walls look like stone

This concrete wall system is built with formliners molded from natural rock faces. It is durable and environmentally friendly. The formliners provide a wide range of natural patterns and textures as a cost-effective, easy-to-attach, lightweight alternative to using natural stone. Use the system to build precast walls typically used for bridges, retaining walls, soundwalls, and water control. Custom Rock Formliner. 800-637-2447.