From start to finish, our product design and manufacturing process is based on a desire to provide better operating performance, less downtime and a higher resale value.

Kimble Custom Chassis
The KF3200C chassis is a result of Kimble Chassis Company’s years of experience engineering & building custom chassis that operate in some of the world’s harshest environments.

Our 12” tall, 3/8” thick rail with 3.5” flange is not only the largest frame available, it provides the highest resistance bending moment (RBM – Over 4 million inch pounds) of any front discharge mixer frame available.

Smoother Ride & Better Traction
Our unique use of light weight parabolic 23,000 GVW front leaf springs significantly smoothes the ride of the KF3200C mixer on the highway. And with our forward front axle, the KF3200C easily navigates abrupt inclines and rough terrain when working off road. We’ve also designed our bridge axle for maximum ground clearance. Yet on steep inclines only the tires contact the ground preventing the frame from dragging.

Higher Capacity Air System
Our 120psi air system consists of 4 individual tanks, for greater capacity. This robust system not only performs better, but can really save maintenance costs associated with an air tank failure.

Aluminum Cab Design
The KF3200C series cab has also experienced a redesign. Built on the same extruded aluminum frame, it allows superior visibility to the ground, directly in front of the bumper, through three panoramic front windows. Large side windows and large well placed mirrors all provide exceptional visibility for the driver. This makes the KF3200C safer for everyone in and around the truck.

We’ve lowered the gauges to sit directly in front of the operator, making them more visible. All switches are now located on the dash, leaving the overhead compartment for ample storage space. The Kimble CAN bus display eliminates the need for excessive panels and gauges, making a simpler workspace, and even including a space for a lunch box.

Kimble KF3200C Drum
The Kimble KF3200C drum is proven to last longer and haul more concrete over its lifecycle. We start by using taller flights with rebar reinforced edges for better wear and folding action. Continuous welds throughout, with ball busters and weep holes. All of which provide faster charge times and faster, smoother discharging; especially when working with low slump concrete, or doing slip form paving.

Kimble Mixer Co.

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