SAF-HOLLAND has introduced its 13.5k capacity, NEWAY LSZ Auxiliary Steerable Lift Axle Suspension System. With a 17.5-inch package size, the LSZ's revolutionary design is more than 4 inches shorter than comparable lift axles. This rugged, yet compact, design offers customers application versatility, enables easy installation and service, and provides extra frame rail space for component packaging and options.

The Super Chamber™ lift on the LSZ outperforms traditional air springs by providing a quick and reliable 4-second lift speed. This unique design is more durable than competitive lifts, and provides a stronger and more consistent lift force that keeps the axle securely stowed. The Super Chamber position provides increased protection from road hazards and easier access for servicing.
The LSZ's rolling lobe air springs are positioned at an angle, delivering a superior spring rate for increased stability and ride quality. Its parallelogram design maintains precise steering geometry while reducing tire wear. The rugged design utilizes a kingpin assembly with spherical bearings, which eliminate thrust bearings that often require shimming and reaming. As a result, service requirements are greatly reduced.

"The unique design of our LSZ offers unmatched durability and reliability for our customers," said Jack Gisinger, President of Powered Vehicles Business Unit. "Overall, the compact size combined with superior ride and low maintenance delivers improved operating efficiency."

SAF-HOLLAND, also announced it has completed a strategic branding exercise that adds focus and clarity to the SAF-HOLLAND brand and global product brands. As a result, brands are better defined and positioned to the global markets. Implementation of the new brand strategies increases SAF-HOLLAND's focus on the needs of end users.

"In order for fleets to thrive in today's world, they need to reduce downtime and keep their costs-per-mile under control," said Detlef Borghardt, CEO SAF-HOLLAND. "Our new brand strategies will help us make the greatest possible contribution to the success of our customers in the global commercial vehicle industry."

Fleets in today's competitive environment are looking for engineered solutions that are specific to their needs. With an increased focus on the needs of its fleet customers, SAFHOLLAND has adopted an internal goal to "Be the ultimate supplier of Best in Class components, systems, and services that will drive the success of fleets in commercial vehicle market," stated Borghardt. This promise will be delivered around the globe through its SAF, HOLLAND, and NEWAY brands.
Going forward, globally promoted products will be structured to one of the three core product brands. This will provide direction for brand management and optimize the communications process.
• The SAF brand will represent trailer axles and suspension systems.
• The HOLLAND brand will represent coupling and lifting technologies.
• The NEWAY brand will represent powered vehicle air suspensions.
A video is available at that provides specifics on global brand statements and positioning.