This year's Most Innovative Products (MIP) contest at World of Concrete again includes many examples of creatively innovative materials and equipment. These products run the gamut from big to small, from high-tech to low-tech, and from high-priced to low-priced.

But they all have two things in common. First, they represent new ways to meet construction challenges. And second, all of the companies that have entered them in the contest hope you'll help decide which ones are this year's most innovative.

To help navigate the 144 entries, the products are categorized by primary application. In this issue, you will find products related to concrete production, specifically in delivery, production equipment, and materials.

But there are plenty of general interest MIP products in other categories. For an overview, or to vote for your favorites, visit You can also see the whole field of entries at the MIP display in the corridor near the main World of Concrete Bookstore, between the North and Central Halls.

And while visiting the various companies at the show Jan. 22–25, vote at any of the cybercafes. Speaking of voting, there's a new twist this year. Everyone who votes online will be entered in a drawing to win an iPod, just our way of saying thank you for letting us know your opinion.

Concrete Delivery

Precast Concrete Carrier

The Precast Concrete Carrier (PCC) transports 13-foot by 52-foot precast panels vertically with no travel restrictions, reducing downtime and eliminating scheduling hassles. Ship multiple panels and sizes in a single load and meet erection quotas with fewer trailers and trips. Optional “fold down” load stabilizing racks (front and rear) form a flatbed frame for more versatile cargo capabilities. Optional front and rear support brackets for “T's” and double “T's.” Churchill Holdings Inc. 231-237-1420. WOC booth #S14507

The EnviroWash F1

The EnviroWash concrete wastewater filtering and removal system provides producers and contractors with the optimum solution for concrete waste-water compliance. The EnviroWash System is the only concrete washout solution that prevents nearly 100% of rainwater and groundwater contamination throughout the building process with patent pending closed-loop concrete wastewater recycling, treatment and handling technology. This new technology will also save large quantities of fresh water once it is licensed and used at building sites nationwide. WasteCrete Systems-EnviroWash. 713-937-9699. WOC booth #N553

Blastcrete Model RD6536 Skid Steer Concrete Pump

The Blastcrete Skid Steer Concrete Pump Attachment allows owners of skid steers to pump concrete. This 25-yard-per-hour pump uses only 15 gpm of auxiliary flow from the skid steer. The new hydraulic agitator pumps up to ¾-inch aggregate concrete 50 feet vertically and 250 feet horizontally. The pump cleans up in only five minutes. It's perfect for masonry grout, flat work, foundations, ICF and shotcrete pools. Blastcrete Equipment Co. 800-235-4876. WOC booth #N2253

SRS Washout System

The SRS Washout System provides solutions for a greener world by addressing environmental issues of today. This slurry recovery system prevents pollution at point source and complies with zero waste mandates using the best available technology. It is a best management practice for concrete washout systems, and the only patented pump-free system on the market. The system is free of construction waste contaminants, reducing costs for developers and generating revenue for the supplier. Slurry Recycle Solutions. 702-647-0700. WOC booth #N1071

Cart-Away Supply / MixKing

At 1.75 cubic yards, the MixKing concrete mixing trailer has a 50% larger capacity than the company's standard mixing trailer. The MixKing trailer has all the features of the standard Cart-Away 1-yard trailer, which has been well-received in the rental and landscape markets. The MixKing trailers will be part of the newly introduced Cart-Away Supply franchise system being introduced at World of Concrete. Cart-Away Supply. 800-909-9809. WOC booth #N2449