Rainscreen system

The System RS insulation system is designed to keep out moisture. When water penetrates the building envelope, a vented cavity allows water to drain from the assembly. The system is comprised of rigid insulation, a 10-mm. drainage board, and non-conductive fiber-composite connectors that tie the assembly together.
Composite Technologies Corp. 800-232-1748. www.thermomass.com

WOC Booth #N1262

Reuse aggregates and water

Producers can recycle 100% of aggregates and residual water with the Ready-Mix Reclamation System. Pour returned ready mix, including fibers, directly into the intake hopper. The pre-wired and pre-plumbed unit also handles process water and storm water.
Enviro-Port Inc. 800-356-8106. www.enviro-port.com

WOC Booth #N1056

Joint waterproofing

Waterstop is designed to waterproof concrete construction joints while allowing lateral and transverse movement. The product spans the joint and is embedded in concrete on both sides. Waterstop is manufactured in PVC, TPER rubber, and Arctic grade materials.
Durajoint Concrete Accessories. 888-833-8308. www.durajoint.com

WOC Booth #N1150

Concrete reclaimer

The company's concrete recycler allows ready-mix and precast producers to recover 100% of sand, stone, and water from returned concrete, use less fresh water, and solve environmental discharge problems. Options include an above-ground gray water tank, tank heaters or chillers, and an adapter for concrete pump trucks.
Bibko, Div. of The R.J. Miller Co., Inc. 866-992-4256. www.bibko.us

WOC Booth #N612

Seamless formliners

Fitzlok formliners produce seamless, simulated smooth brick or block finishes. The single-use plastic panels feature an interlocking system with keyed ends that overlap and lock into place, both side-by-side and top-to-bottom to eliminate seams. FitzLok formliner panels are 100% recyclable.
Fitzgerald Formliners. 800-547-7760. www.formliners.com

WOC Booth N949

Precast forming system

The upcrete forming system produces high quality precast elements in a smaller space than conventional flat pouring. A compact, portable precast pump is designed to pump SCC into upcrete forms. The upcrete work station has integrated cutting and drilling equipment for preparing reinforcement and insulation.
RATEC LLC. 877-337-2832. www.ratec.org

WOC Booth #N337

Decorative fence walls

The StoneTree precast fence forming system provides a durable alternative to masonry walls. Formliner patterns include stone, block, and brick styles. Custom designs can create fence wall sections that replicate or complement existing architectural features.
AFTEC, LLC. 866-370-3676. www.stonetreefence.com

WOC Booth #N1137

Twin shaft mixer

The 4- and 6-cubic-yard output Twin Shaft Mixer features air purge shaft seals, a single drive motor, heavy duty cast steel mixing arms, and a hydraulic discharge door. The high volume, high shear mixing action has mixing times from 60 to 90 seconds.
Mixer Systems, Inc. 800-756-4937. www.mixersystems.com

WOC Booth #N427

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