Mixers for any job

HM Power Mixers feature push button start and stop controls, reversible paddles, hydraulic dump, and 1 5/8-in. square paddle shafts. Engines in the HM 8- and 12-cu.-ft. mixers are protected by a housing that allows ample air flow and easy access. These models are available in several models: a towable mixer, skid steer mixer, and rack mixer.

Hydraulic Mudpumps Inc. 800-626-2464. www.mudpumps.com

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Stationary and mobile mixers

KOL Batch Mixers can be used for dozens of applications. They provide thorough and accurate batch mixing of liquids, powders, pastes, slurries, and granular materials. The rotating drum container is removable and easy to clean. A stationary mixing paddle provides both radial and axial action, and scrapes the drum for complete mixing. Available in 5-, 10-, and 15-gal. sizes.

Hover Trowel Inc. 610-856-1961. www.hovertrowel.com

Dual-paddle mixer

The EZR 21 S dual-paddle mixer is quick and efficient when mixing heavy products such as mortar. The blades rotate in opposite directions, eliminating counter torque and making the unit easy to handle. Galvanized steel paddles mix the product from the bottom up to prevent air bubbles. The mixer can handle up to five bags or 25 gals. of material per hour.

CS Unitec Inc. 800-700-5919. www.csunitec.com

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Triple-use mixer

The MH12 EZ Grout Mud Hog mixes mortar, grout, and concrete. It can handle up to a four-bag or 12-cu.-ft. capacity, and will mix up to 1-in. concrete aggregate. Vertical mixing paddles prevent splashing and cut through material. The mixer loads below waist level to reduce labor fatigue. The MH12 has an optional axle kit for towing.

Multiquip Inc. 800-421-1244. www.multiquip.com

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Mini batch plant on wheels

The Henchman IV is a 16-cu.-ft. hydraulic mixer. Its hydraulic power pack includes an intercooler to keep the oil temperature low, reducing maintenance issues. The mixer's hydraulic dumping action can discharge four bags of material every three minutes. The 13 HP Honda engine and large paddle shaft system has enough torque to mix grout with 3/8-in. aggregate.

IMER USA Inc. 800-275-5463. www.imerusa.com

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Extreme-duty mixers

Buddy by Stone mixers are available with 8-,11-, and 13-cu.-ft. capacities. They are designed for specialty applications with stiffer or more abrasive mixes, such as terrazzo or special additives. An eight-paddle configuration delivers a more complete blend, and unique drum profile puts paddles in more complete contact with the entire mix.

Stone Construction Equipment. 800-888-9926. www.stone-equip.com

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Mix and place with one unit

Avoid tying up extra manpower and equipment by transporting both a mixer and pump unit to the job-site. The self-contained CTI pumper package combines the Cemen Tech MCD8-100RM volumetric mixer and a Reed AH40 or AH 30 pump. The MCD8-100RM can transport eight cubic yards of material; with the pump, it can produce more than 30 cu. yds. of grout per hour.

Cemen Tech Inc. 800-247-2464. www.cementech.com

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Heavy-duty performance

The Canoga 890-GH Plaster/Mortar Mixer features a heavy-duty safety grill with bag splitter and spring-loaded latches. Its drum is made with ¼- to 3/16-in. steel plate, and has a 12- to 18-in. opening that can tilt for easy cleaning. The mixer is built for towing, with a removable tow-tongue and 2-in. ball hitch, and heavy-duty safety chain. Five models of Canoga mixers can accommodate any size job.

MK Diamond Products, Inc. 800-421-5830. www.mkdiamond.com

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Hydraulic mortar mixer

With 16 cu. ft. of capacity, the S16SH hydraulic mortar mixer can handle even the biggest jobs. The mixer features a forward and reverse hydraulic drive, overload bypass protection, and an innovative cooling system. Its spiral mixing blades allow a 30% faster mix, increased air entrainment, and less splash for increased batch capacity.

Crown Construction Equipment. 877-403-1220. www.crownequip.com

Towable mixers

The company's full line of Morrison towable concrete and mortar mixers is available in January 2011. The product line includes both concrete and mortar mixers, from 6- to 12-cu.-ft. All mixers are equipped with Honda engines.

Bartell Morrison Inc. 866-501-1683. www.bartellmorrison.com

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Portable and durable

The company's mortar mixer is designed for portability, with a tow pole, safety chain, and auto-lock pin. Its durable construction includes a single-piece central shaft, heavy-duty steel main frame beam, and 3/16-in. steel drum. It is available in 6- to 12-cu. ft. capacities, or as a 12- or 16-cu.- ft. hydraulic mixer.

Toker Engineering. 866-357-1664. www.toker-engineering.com

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One machine, many tasks

The Mix-N-Place is a mixer and delivery system in one machine. The mixer can deliver mortar directly to tubs, rather than carrying tubs back and forth on a forklift. It can also be elevated above a wall to dispense grout for faster placement. Mix-N-Place is available in 12- or 20-cu.-ft. capacities.

Push Button Masonry. 877-342-2733. www.pushbuttonmasonry.com

Mix concrete or mortar

The Zim-Mixer volumetric concrete mixer can produce grout or mortar simply by disengaging the stone bin sprocket pin. Sizes range from 4- to 14-cu.-yd. capacities, and the mixer can be customized. Materials can be run independently with the unit's dual chain material feed system. Meets ASTM C685 and VMMB standards.

Zimmerman Industries. 888-577-6499. www.zimmermanindustries.com

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