One of the major incentives in developing a battery operated Track-O Mini-Dozer was to take human away from the high risk work environments such as confined spaces and hard to reach areas and operating at a safe distance with a drastic reduce of work time. Because of its narrow dimensions and very low profile, it can be used for:

  • Digging foundations, tunnels
  • Cleaning under conveyors belts
  • Cleaning silos, hoppers, bins, pipes
  • Emptying and cleaning vats
  • Handling bulk material
  • And much more…

With this equipment there is no need for operators to enter the potentially dangerous confined or hard to reach areas thus eliminating accidents. As a result of being battery operated, this equipment requires very low and simple maintenance, does not emit any heat, any noise and any fume. The Track-O Mini-Dozer M-27 is equipped with a back-up alarm and a back-up light. There is a wide range of tool attachments that can be mounted on the Mini-Dozer such as:

  • Forks for handling
  • Suction hose for cleaning powdery material
  • Jack hammer for breaking up rock, pavement, concrete
  • Miniature camera for videoscopy
  • And much more…

It is built rugged to perform tough jobs in harsh environments such as the construction, heavy and mining industries, etc. We have developed a model whose components can resist to heat and to strong magnetic fields. This model is designed for the primary production of aluminum. The battery recharge time is 8 hours and the machine can run continuously for 8 hours (on a flat surface). With an external charger, we can upgrade the continuous run-time to a 24 hours shift. Track-O Mini-Dozer, the small machine for the big jobs…To see the the Track-O Mini-Dozer in action: