Putzmeister America, Inc. has introduced its innovative, new 36Z-Meter Truck-Mounted Concrete Boom Pump, featuring a reduced weight, a more user-friendly design and offers increased ease of service.

With a gross vehicle weight of approximately 51,500 lbs. (26 tons), the new pump weighs 4,500 lbs. (2 tons) less than the previous 36Z model. This allows for an increased payload capacity for job site equipment, water and fuel. The new design has a three-axle chassis, which can meet federal bridge requirements and allows for less strict permits, or even no permits, depending on local requirements.

The new design allows for approximately 30 percent more space because several components that were previously located on the deck have been moved. The more spacious deck allows for ease of movement during maintenance and service, and provides an increase in physical space for the payload.
The 36Z’s new hydraulic system has an improved filtration system, uses less oil, and has fewer parts than the previous system. The new system produces cleaner oil, which improves pump functioning and reduces maintenance intervals.

Another significant change in the design of the new 36Z pump is an improved pipe layout and an increased parts commonality between components of the pipe system , only two different types of elbows—45- and 90-degree—are used, as compared with three elbows in the previous model.

The pump’s new Ergonic Graphic Display, which features wireless computer technology and a high resolution, color screen, also contributes to the pump’s enhanced usability. This main control system allows the operator to set parameters that control the boom, pump and a variety of other functions, ultimately increasing the convenience, performance and overall ease-of-use of the machine.

The 36Z was one of the first models among Putzmeister’s boom pumps that includes the new RS 909 Hopper, which features a more robust, yet lightweight, design and promises an increased service life. Not only has the mounting and hopper shell been improved, but the multi-piece grate has, as well. Additionally, the RS 909 hopper incorporates an RFID safety switch, preventing it from operating with the grate open and incorporating zero moving parts, while using the same advanced sensor technology shown to be effective and reliable in other Putzmeister systems.

Putzmeister America, Inc.

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