The new model has many new features not previously available on Cemen Tech mixers. “We are pleased to offer our customers a new design that will make the operation easier and allow their drivers to pour concrete in a more efficient way,” said Mark Rinehart, Director of Sales and Marketing for Cemen Tech.

The C860 features a new electronic control panel. The panel will allow those in the field to track the exact flow of admixtures and water electronically. All of the information required will be displayed on digital readouts and show the operator exactly the total number of yards produced during each pour. All of the technology used has been tested for over 30 years in the automotive and construction industries.

One significant introduction is the addition of a GPS Tracking Solution. The system will allow tracking of the mixer’s location and will alert managers when and where a mixer stops, as well as how many times the mixer runs each day. In the coming months this system will also allow a person to send mix designs to the mixer and control their unit from the comfort of their office.

“We have listened to our customers and are expanding our culture of innovation at Cemen Tech. We are excited about the release of C860 and gaining some more feedback from customers at the show,” said Rinehart.

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