Polymer threaded inserts

Corrosion-resistant threaded inserts are an economical method for securing objects to precast and cast-in-place concrete. Use the strong, lightweight inserts with wooden or metal forms for many applications, including bolting equipment or racking to walls, securing air conditioning and other equipment to concrete pads, and bolting metal or cast-iron frames to concrete lids. Bowco Industries Inc. 888-232-9991. www.bowcoind.com

Lift and handle precast concrete

The QUIKLIFT Erection Anchor Tech Series with Shear Plate is designed for horizontal to vertical edge lifting and handling of thin-walled precast elements. Two “ears” on the anchor head transfer shear loads into the anchor and concrete, and prevent the ring clutch from spalling the concrete. A.L. Patterson Inc. 800-332-7090. www.patterson-online.com

Secure precast panels

Cast-in anchor channel embeds provide simple, adjustable connections for restraining concrete panels. They are foam-filled and predrilled with nail holes upon delivery, and ready to install. Use the company's tee-bolt and nut, restraint strap, and spring nut to create sliding or fixed connections. Halfen USA Inc. 800-323-6896. www.halfenusa.com

Invisible inserts

When cast in concrete, #444 Threaded Inserts offer a clean and unobtrusive appearance without protruding beyond the face of the concrete. They permit anchor bolts and eye bolts to be removed and reinstalled as often as required. The inserts are made with Zamac zinc alloy. Heckmann Building Products. 800-621-4140. www.heckmannanchors.com

Forged erection anchors

The P-92 FEW Fleet Forged Erection Anchor is designed for safe working loads of three, six, and 10 tons. It features a shear plate that eliminates the need for a shear bar. The forged design creates a 30% higher load capacity than stamped anchors, and can handle heavier panels with fewer anchors. Dayton Superior Corp. 877-266-7732. www.daytonsuperior.com/precast

Designed for fastening applications

The company's die cast zinc alloy precast inserts, or star inserts, are designed for preplanned placement of threaded fasteners in cast-in-place, precast, or prestressed concrete. Install on wooden forms with a threaded plastic plug, or on steel forms with machine bolts. Inserts are available in 3/8-, ½-, 5/8- and ¾-in. national course thread. Spectrum Concrete Products LLC. 909-590-0066. www.spectrumconcreteusa.com