Diagnostic unit monitors mixer

The MAO 12000 twin-shaft mixer is capable ofTh de delivering 10.5 yd. of compacted concrete in each ba batch, and 500 yd./hr. Four 100-hp motors and their re reduction drives are mounted on hinges, allowing ea each drive to swing out and away from the bearings an and shaft seals for fast and easy maintenance. An ala alarm and diagnostics unit monitors all important pa parameters. It also warns when maintenance is due an and logs alarms for later downloading to a computer. Si Sicoma North America. 800-921-7559. www.sicoma.biz.

Remove concrete buildup

Reduce equipment clean-up time and increase productivity with environmentally safe Zetolan Plus. The product protects equipment surfaces from concrete buildup, removes hardened concrete, and prevents adhesion for up to 24 hours. Simple spray application by hand or electric pump is quick, easy, and safe. Use it on wet and dry surfaces. Advanced Concrete Technologies. 603-431-5661. www.concretebiz.com.

Quick Quick a and easy form cleaning

The Flat De Deck Cleaner is driven by a 24-hp motor and features a completelycompletely hydraulic operation. A 24-in.-diameter, 58-in.-wide brush clea brush cleans the surface of the form as it pushes debris in front of the mac machine, which runs in forward or reverse motion and has an an adjustab adjustable speed control. You can also adjust the brush rotation speed speed. Hamil Hamilton Form Co. 817-590-2111. www.hamiltonform.com.

Improve your operation

Forcast hardworking software is especially built for the precast/ prestressed concrete industry. It helps you see your operation more clearly, a more clearly, allowing you to understand true costs and profit potential, spot improvem spot improvement possibilities in your processes, and avoid costly mistakes—fro mistakes from estimation through delivery. Customize Forcast to ensure a precis ensure precise fit with your operation's needs. Precision Development. 515-225-2262. www.pickprecision.com.

SCC admixture for increased workability

Rheodynamic self-consolidating concrete uses Glenium high-range water-reducing admixtures and Rheomac viscosity-modifying admixtures to provide a high degree of workability and the ability to remain stable during and after placement. The product gives precast producers control over the rheology, slump retention, and workability, while maintaining high early and ultimate strengths. BASF Construction Chemicals. 800-628-9990. www.basf-admixtures.com

Jump-start high-rise construction

The Space-Lift System jump is ideal for concrete shear wall applications. The system's frame components and carriage assembly supports the forming equipment and crew. The assembly is suspended from jump shoes that are bolted inserts in the concrete wall. The entire assembly remains anchored to the wall during forming operations. Work platforms provide safe access during setting, placing, stripping, and finishing. Standard frame heights up to 16 ft. provide for higher walls typical in lobbies and atriums. Symons by Dayton Superior. 800-800-7966. www.symons.com.