Copolymer/propylene fiber

Used to reduce shrinkage in plastic and hardened concrete, Ferro fiber consists of virgin copolymer/ propylene. The heavy-duty fiber improves concrete's impact resistance, durability, and crack resistance. It is suitable in industrial floors, bridge decks, precast products, or other applications calling for reducing or replacing steel reinforcement. Forta Corp. 800-245-0306.

Concrete mixer

The Pro-Mix CM12 mixer handles four bags (12 cu. ft.) of concrete at a time. Powered by a Honda GX 390 engine, the durable mixer features wheels for portability. Engine Distribution Center. 800-722-6448.

Producer quality control

COMMANDqc—compatible with the COMMANDconcrete dispatch and COMMANDbatch batching systems—is a quality control, mix management and production management system that helps users effectively design mixes based on product requirements, raw-material data, and historical data. It collects information into easy-to-comprehend graphs and reports that target problems. Operators use the data to make needed changes immediately. Command Alkon. 800-624-1872.

Granular pigment dispensing

Use the EasyStar dispensing system to custom-blend your own bags of color. The granular pigments are clean, easier to use and store, environmentally friendly, and provide accurate metering for batch-to-batch consistency. Interstar. 800-567-1857.

Spring-assisted hatch

The company's R-3498 spring-assisted hatch permits easy access to electrical and fiber-optic wiring and other sensitive equipment. Lid-mounted springs move out of the open area to fully expose the opening. The slam latch makes opening and closing easy, and the Perma-Grip surface guards against slips. Neenah Foundry Co. 800-558-5075.

Hydraulic submersible pump

The Heidra 300 hydraulic-powered submersible pump is capable of flow rates to 6000 gpm and heads to 200 ft. The self-contained pump, with a diesel-driven hydraulic power unit, is designed for general pumping with solids handling up to 3 ¾ in. in diameter. The power unit comes with PrimeGuard Controller for programmable options operations, including setting maintenance timers. Godwin Pumps of America. 856-467-3636.

Concrete admixture

Barrier-1 inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi, including black mold, in humid applications. Designed for all concrete applications, it contains a blend of silicates, hydroxides, and an antimicrobial agent. Blended into the concrete mix, the admixture produces concrete that will not allow moisture migration or capillary action inside the slab. It also can densify the concrete and increase the overall strength of the slab. Once cured, the concrete is compatible with all floor coverings, adhesives, and coatings. Barrier-1. 407-484-2604.

Lubricating admixture

Rheology-controlling Navitas 33 improves production rates, durability, and quality of concrete pavements and precast/prestressed work without affecting setting time, strength, shrinkage, or freeze/thaw properties. By reducing the amount of force required to initiate flow, without affecting the viscosity, it improves concrete's response to vibration and enhances consolidation, extrusion, and final surface appearance. BASF Construction Chemicals. 800-628-9990.

Dump insert

The DI-100 dump insert is available for 8-ft. beds and is used to remove and transport mulch, stone, dirt, and debris. Using a heavy-duty hydraulic scissors lift, the insert offers a rated lift capacity of 6000 lbs. and can transport up to 2 cu. yds. Bri-Mar Manufacturing. 800-732-5845.

Synthetic fibers

Strux 90/40 synthetic macro fibers consist of high-strength polymer monofilaments that are fatigue-resistant to concrete. They disperse evenly and rapidly throughout the matrix, making them easy and safe to handle. The fibers reduce crack potential, protect against plastic shrinkage, and help concrete maintain post-crack, load-carrying capability. Grace Construction Products. 877-423-6491.